Top 10 rugby ads

To be honest, we’ve got far better things to be doing than scouring the internet for funny rugby clips, so if IRN’s big boss is reading this, our research for this feature took no more than five minutes. It’s all for a good cause, because we’ve found ten cracking rugby-related TV adverts that those of you less busy than us can enjoy. See, we care really.

1. Lewsey takes on the Crouchbot

Josh Lewsey and England’s beanpole striker Peter Crouch attempt to outdo each other in a series of challenges including a tug-o-war and hand stand press-ups.

2. Street rugby

A who’s who of rugby legends wreak urban havoc, all started by that pesky Lawrence Dallaglio who goes crashing through a crowd of lunchtime diners.

3. Jonny bends it like Becks

We all remember this one from the 2003 World Cup when the nation’s ladies went all trembly at the knees as Jonny Wilkinson and David Beckham – who looks more like a street urchin than a millionaire footballer in this clip – swap kicking tips.

4. Lomu saves fish

The All Black legend finds a fish flapping about in an Auckland street and decides to return it to the water, jumping over cars, racing down alleys, powering through a car wash and barging a mini-van out of the way.

5. The gingerbread Haka

15 squeaky-voiced baked goods lay down the famous Maori challenge. You’ll never quite watch the real thing in the same way again.

6. Last man standing

Before the 2005 Lions tour of New Zealand both squads got together for a good old fashioned game of British Bulldog. If only Brian O’Driscoll had known what would happen in that first Test perhaps he might have got his retaliation in early.

7. England stare off

Josh Lewsey, Mike Tindall and Tom Rees attempt to stare down a camera lens, no blinking, no looking away, for as long as possible. The best bit of this clip is when Tindall uses his eyes drops as an assault weapon on Rees’s privates.

8. The Domino effect

Leicester powerhouse Alex Tuilagi sits in between two guests waiting for the pizza dude to ring the doorbell. When the food arrives, Tuilagi’s mates get roughed up, Samoan style.

9. Stand off in the shower

This one’s from Argentina. Suffice to say, a team hits the showers, someone drops the soap, you can guess the rest…

10. Canine caper

It’s Josh Lewsey again, and this time he’s brought his dog, who relieves himself on a stray football before Lewsey punts it back to a loud-mouthed footballer who takes it down on his chest before pulling his soiled shirt over his head in celebration.

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