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Knowing more about Alex De Souza

Football players have become most of our heroes today because the game they play is what brings the world together. Alexsandro de Souza who was born on the 14th of September, 1977 has always given his fans a good show. Coming from Brazil where some of the world’s best footballer’s hail from, the world had their eyes set on him and still have their eyes set on him. The good thing however is that; he has never let his fans down.

Alex De Souza is a former Brazilian senior team captain but currently plays in Turkey for Fenerbache. Starting his career in Brazil is what gave him the strength and focus to want to make his life and the lives of people around him better through football. In every team that Alex De Souza played in, he made sure he had an achievement to boast of and this is what has made him unique although there are still so many players being brought into the spotlight.

When Alexsandro De Souza was playing professional football in Palmeiras, he used that as an opportunity to build his career in order to become the national football icon he became and still is in Brazil. He has so many titles to his name and because he his not just an ordinary attacking midfielder, he has been able to lead his various teams to many wins and he recently won the golden boot and has made it clear to the world and his fans that he will be retiring from professional football very soon which is a great idea because he is growing personally as well as professionally

During Alexsandro De Souza‘s early years, he went through so many good and bad performances which had people criticize and praise him. He has been in and out of clubs until he got to Fenerbache. He admits to loving the work atmosphere in Fenerbache and also loves the team.

Alexsandro De Souza just like many other famous footballers is involved in humanitarian works in his country and is also helping young Brazilian footballers to achieve their dreams by taking them through school and mentoring them. Alexsandro De Souza is a true icon and will be loved even after his retirement.