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Factors to Consider As You Buy Winter Sports Travel Insurance

Travelling abroad is an exciting thing in winter. However, it also comes with increased risks with adventure and sports activities. This is the reason that one must purchase sports travel insurance, as this will allow them to have maximum fun, having taken care of the potential risks.

Understand the policy definitions

Before you take out a winter sport policy, ensure that the company clearly defines what a winter sport is. Some of the common sports include snowboarding and skiing, and must but covered in the policy. Nonetheless, do not assume anything, as an omission could mean a lot. You will also need to understand off-piste and on-piste activities, confirm the exact policy details. For example, some companies will state that you are not coved in areas they deem unsafe for skiing, ensure that they have outlines the unsafe areas.

Sports policy formats

Winter games and sports come in a variety of formats; hence, you need to be sure of the winter sports travel insurance that you are taking. Some will allow you to add more benefits, while others are fixed. Notably, there are websites that will direct you to their page that deals with winter sports only. Others will offer you a wide range of coverage in activities within the same cover without the need to pay extra. There are those that come in single strip, while others come in multi-strip formats.

The other activities that can be included in the winter sports include ice hockey, skiing, cross-country, tobogganing among others. Some of these sports seem harmless; however, it is imperative that you confirm they are covered.


At the minimum, winter sports involve some expensive equipment, and it is imperative you ensure you cover them in the policy for theft and self-damage. Consider what the company covers and find out exactly what you can make a claim on, for example, some companies will only cover your personal equipment and not then ones you have rented.

Ensure you understand how the policy defines theft and stolen, for example, there is a distinct way they may define negligence and therefore making you unable to claim for theft. A good scenario is where you leave the skis outside and decide to have a drink in bar, and which is common practice, this is seen as carelessness on your part.